I travel, I discover, To design

My name is Amir Parva, I’m a designer and director


about me

I believe in timeless foundation—an essence, a value—that every organization must be built on to inspire their audience.

I develop Ideas through motion graphics and illustrations. Regardless of the medium, I’m responsible for understanding and creating a design that expresses the essence of the brand.

Traveling is my passion and an inevitable part of my job, to me traveling is not just sightseeing, its discovery and inspiration, which opens up new perspectives for me.


2D - 3D Motion graphics

  • Story development and writing scripts

  • Storyboarding

  • Recording Voice-Over

  • Developing animatics

  • Developing style-frames

  • Production: Modeling / Rigging / Animation / Motion design / Compositing

  • Sound design and music

2D - 3D Illustrations

  • Digital painting

  • Vector illustration

  • 3D illustration: Modeling / Shading / Rendering